Medicated Animal Baths & Pet Grooming in Newburyport, Massachusetts

Reward your pets with medicated animal baths and other pet grooming from our facility in Newburyport, Massachusetts. Call Wagging Tails Pet Grooming to schedule an appointment.

Black Dog, Medicated Animal Baths & Pet Grooming in Newburyport, MA


Cat and Dog, Medicated Animal Baths & Pet Grooming in Newburyport, MA
Gray Dog, Medicated Animal Baths & Pet Grooming in Newburyport, MA

Medicated Baths

Walk-In Nail Service

Detailed Grooming

Medicated baths are given to dogs that are allergic to grass, trees, and food. This is an effective way to treat skin rawness that's often a symptom of the allergies.

For the treatment, we soap the dog using a medicated shampoo. The dog sits in the shampoo for 10 minutes so that it soaks into the skin, and then we rinse it off.

Different medicated shampoos are available for different types of skin conditions. This service is provided at no extra cost if needed.

No appointment is necessary for dog and cat nail cutting or trimming. We'll do the service while you wait! Clipping or grinding is available, and the process only takes about five minutes.

It's important to have your animals' nails trimmed every five-to-six weeks to prevent growth into their pads, which would cause infection. In addition to dogs and cats, we clip the nails of guinea pigs. Call us about nail questions for other animals.

Professional and experienced groomers who have attended grooming school perform all services. Before you bring your dogs and cats to us, we ask that their rabies shots are up to date.

Grooming includes pre-work such as brushing, ear cleaning, nail clipping, hair clipping or shaving if necessary, and bathing. Then, we dry your pets, re-brush them, re-clip them and then, depending on the gender of the dog, they receive a bow or bandana. When we're done, you receive a clean, happy, sweet smelling dog.

Wagging Tails Pet Grooming provides flea baths when necessary to treat infestations. If your pet has been sprayed by a skunk, keep in mind that we also provide de-skunking services.

Bring your dogs and cats to our pet groomers in Newburyport, Massachusetts, for detailed grooming that lasts.